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Alison grew up in the community of Pumpkin Center, in the heart of District 4.  In 2007, after receiving her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting at Georgia Southern University, she returned to District 4, with husband Chad to start their family.  Their children attend North Harlem Elementary and Harlem Middle School. After working nine years in the field, Alison opened an accounting firm in 2013. Her business is located in Downtown Harlem, where she employs a staff of 10.  She is dedicated to her hometown of Harlem, GA, and works diligently in her role as president of the Harlem Merchants Association.  She also gives back by serving as treasurer of 143 Ministries, and by helping other non-profit organizations. Alison’s various roles in service to District 4 are rooted in pride and genuine love for her small-town community. 

Alison cares about District 4 because it is home; home to her family, her business, and her future.  After closely watching the development at the Appling/Harlem and Grovetown I-20 exits, she knows the citizens of this district will continue to feel the effects of crucial decision-making by local leaders.  It is Alison’s desire to serve as your voice in these decisions. During this critical time of growth, she aspires to lead with foresight to ensure the communities of Grovetown, Harlem, and Appling remain safe, peaceful, and full of the qualities for which they are known and loved.

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Alison is running for District 4 Commissioner to bring improvement and strengthen the community that you call home. She wants to bring awareness to District 4 that focuses on purposeful growth, traffic and public safety, and to strengthen partnerships between the county and city. 


Residents of District 4 deserve foresight and planning to accommodate growth. 

Alison believes growth should match infrastructure and respect District 4's desires for unjammed routes, quality residential developments, and mindful new business developments. 

Alison wants to bring transparency in re-zoning processes to encourage public participation. 


Alison wants to make sure adequate attention is given to traffic data and problem areas in District 4

She also knows there needs to be an urgency for solutions towards safe & sensible driving conditions.


District 4 residents, specifically those in Harlem and Grovetown, deserve professional collaboration among leaders at the county level, to maximize fair representation of constituents. 

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